Scheduled and Routed Lab Specimen Delivery & Medical Sample Courier in Boston

If you need scheduled courier delivery in Boston, you can trust Allstate Couriers and our team of dedicated drivers to safely and efficiently transport the critical medical supplies you need. One of our experienced drivers is assigned to your account for all your regularly scheduled deliveries, so you won’t have to worry about who is transporting your specimens, samples, records, or equipment.

Scheduled Medical Courier Delivery & Routed Devices

We have an extensive network of established medical and lab specimen delivery route infrastructure and can create custom daily routes to meet your frequent delivery needs. This makes regularly scheduled pick-ups and drop-offs quicker and more cost-effective. Additionally, these routes are constantly being optimized and audited so we can improve our scheduled and routine delivery services for our clients.

No matter the lab or medical sample courier route or where you are in the city, Allstate Couriers scheduled courier delivery in Boston, and routed devices guarantee on-time deliveries on our routes 7 days a week, 365 days a year. Trusting us to handle all your recurring medical and lab specimen delivery needs will give you peace of mind, ensuring you’ll never have to stress about the items you need arriving undamaged on time again!